Daybed Delights

One of the pieces of furniture I had always wanted was a daybed. We found one in Fantastic Furniture along with a lovely desk for my sewing. I had various looks going while waiting for curtains to arrive from overseas.

Below is the Laura Ashley throw I used as a curtain over hideous venetians. The fabric on the bed is by Villa Nova and just divine. The embellished agapanthus cushions and lilac toning throw are from Laura Ashley. I managed to get them all on ebay here including the Adairs quilted bedspread. The Laura Ashley Berkley Scroll cushions and throw were from Laura Ashley online. I have my cute little Dick Smith tv/dvd player on two Kmart boookcases which I also had in my teeny room at my son’s flat. 

Once my gold faux silk curtains arrived I used the Morgan And Finch Arabian Nights duvet cover I had bought for a splash of colour while living at my son’s flat. I also had the horrid old sliding doors taken off the wardrobe  and my handman Alan put a curtain system up for me instead. Looked quite lush. But it was a lot of billowy curtains. It was like being inside a harem!! Without any of the benefits!

And finally my more subtle look using Laura Ashley amethyst duvet cover with contrasting cushions once the slate grey velvet curtains arrived from the USA. I had my Sanderson Dandelion Clocks and Fifi tims etc on the desk with my new Singer heavy duty sewing machine. So greys yellows and purple. Yum.


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