Early Days

One of the hardest things for me was saying goodbye to our then cat Chanti. She was a Burmese and quite devoted to me. Especially my bed and my lap. As devoted as she was to me she loved my son more, so though it was hard, I said goodbye to her. She seemed to know it. She came down the hallway and looked at me and then ran and leapt on my lap for the first time ever!

Before I moved in I ordered furniture etc and had to wait several months for my sofas to be made. I managed with the old tapestry recliners that the previous owner had left for me. They were great but I kept forgetting what was around me as I used the recliners!! Thank goodness for toughened glass occasional tables.

The villa had disgusting cream lace continuous curtains. I managed to find some gorgeous cotton velvet ones on Urban Outfitters USA where the shipping was free. While I waited I took down and threw away the lace and made do with the hideous venetian blinds instead.

The rug is by Kaleidoscope UK, quite expensive but a much needed burst of colour while I was at my son’s place. I was so thrilled with the mirrored chest of drawers as it looks like a Laura Ashley one but I got it at Fantastic Furniture for about a third of the cost of LA. My Art Deco voyage cushions are by Kas and went really well with the rug.


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