Irish Tweed

One of the things I really want to make is an Irish Tweed quilt. I collected tweed in the 80s and need to start again now. 

I love the colours in this one. The write up below is very interesting too. Explaining the construction. The photo and bold print below copyright 

Handcrafted in County Donegal, Ireland by an 86-year-old bespoke tailoring firm, this is the genuine Irish patchwork throw. Originally a symbol of Ireland’s working class, tweed patchwork’s appeal has since transcended socioeconomic status thanks to its superior heat retention, durability, and charm. Each tweed square is woven from the fine coat of pure bred suffolk and texel sheep, breeds renowned for yielding a dense, warm fleece. The squares are hand-selected to create a patchwork with a rich array of colors and textures, evoking the diverse landscape of the Donegal Highlands. The squares are handwoven using straight lock stitching, a technique that provides additional strength at the seams and yields a more durable throw. The underside of the throw is lined with 100% cotton that’s soft against the skin. Since the tweed squares are selected and sewn by hand, each throw is truly the only one of its kind. Dry clean only. Throw. 70″ L x 50″ W. (6 2/3 lbs.)

The way that a lot of the historic or classic ones were made was with fabric samples from mens suits and jacket companies
These days I would collect jackets and skirts from op shops and recycle reuse reclaim them into quilts. Bags and scarves also work well. 
I have also seen new offcuts on ebay UK


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